Jemal Yimer

Ethiopian Half Marathon Record Holder

Made with Medalist

Coach Molla waiting. best person #addis

Not long before another race

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή ❀

I am still so disappointed. I fell at 5km drink station. Got up. Caught the 1st group, but was hurting and ran on my own for another 30km. My training was excellent but my debut will wait for another day. Thank you Coach Getamesay, Hailye, training partners, Moyo Sport, Malcolm for the support & encouragement. I promise to work harder to prove I can be a great marathoner.

800m Γ— 14

Speedwork on track

I'm in this book and it's out in 2 days time. Come back to Addis @mikecrawl We chat more. I'll use it to improve my English. #OutOfThinAir

Coach Molla ready with my @maurten_official bottle. Thanks to him for all his work so far with me.

2 years ago I ran the Ethiopian National Record 58.33 in Valencia. I return to these amazing streets to debut in marathon on 6 December.